среда, 18 декабря 2013 г.

Secret Santa Exchange and some more...

По приезду домой выудила из почтового ящика пачку извещений...
Having come back home I found some packages in my mailbox.
Во-первых, пришел сюрприз из США (от West Pine Creations) -- я поучаствовала в обмене Secret Santa Exchange вот здесь:
Точнее, я еще в процессе участия, так как моя посылочка еще не долетела до получательницы.
First, the surprise from the USA (from West Pine Creations) -- I took part in Secret Santa Exchange here:
My package is still on its way though...
А пришло мне вот что:
I received the following:
1. Плетеные новогодние штучки и схема (тут ее, сами понимаете, нет) :)
1. Tatted Christmas decorations, and a tatting pattern :)

2. Браслеты (жесткие, как раз как я люблю)
2. Bracelets (solid, exactly as I like)
3. Сумочка...
3. A small bag...
А в сумочке...
And inside the bag I found...

4. Крючок
Должна сказать, что очень вовремя -- я как раз ухитрилась посеять свой где-то у родителей в диване. А обнаружила пропажу уже в Нижнем.
4. A crochet hook
I need to say it's just in time because I managed to lose mine somewhere on my parents' sofa (I do hope they won't sit on it!).
Thank you very much!
5. Фурнитура для оплетания
Давно хотела попробовать :)
5. Doodads

6. Ниточка, бисер, кожаный (!) челнок
6. Some thread, beads and leather tatting shuttle (very unusual piece for my shuttle collection)
7. Открытки о штате Айдахо (особенно понравилась с перечислением, чем знаменит штат)
7. Postcards about Idaho (I especially like the "...did you know?" card)
Thank you very much for this wonderful surprise!!!
Во-вторых, пришел диск от любимого исполнителя :-)
Second, a new CD from one of my favourite singers

И, в-третьих, две пары тапок для шотландских танцев :)
Мин счастлив :))))))))))
And Third, two pairs of Scottish country dance shoes :)
I'm happy :))))))))))))

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  1. It is always fun to get packages and filled with fun tatting things love to see. I joined the exchange too! and I Hope my person got theirs it went to Singapore! The music was a great idea too!

  2. I was so happy to receive your Secret Santa gift in today's mail. I have followed your blog for sometime now. I will open it on Christmas Eve.

  3. Please excuse the delay in contacting you, We have been having computer problems since before Christmas. Took it in and it still is there. I bought a laptop last week and we are having problems getting it connected to the Internet and the printer. Sometime I have connection with my IPad and other times I don't. It truly is a mess. Hopefully we will havr it cottected soon.

  4. I love the white tatted sun catcher with the beautiful clear and blue crystals. Such delicate detailed work! I will leave it out all year long to enjoy. The blue shuttle is decorated in silver and light blue and will be one of my favorites. I will use the three packages of petite glass beads to make something very special in the near future. The #80 Lizbeth "spice cake" thread looks very interesting and I will have to look for a very special pattern to tat with it. I have the magnet up on my freezer and enjoy looking at daily.

    Since tomorrow, January 7th, is Russian Orthodox Christmas, I would like to wish you the very Merriest of of all Christmases and hope that the New Year brings many good things your way.

    Once again, thank you for the wonderful gifts that I will treasure for years to come.

    1. I am so glad you like it :-)
      Thank you very much for your kind words and wishes!
      And I hope you will have a great and very creative year, too.