пятница, 7 июня 2013 г.

Tatted MegaProject #2 :)

Скатерть (или салфетка-переросток??) по схеме голландского мастера Ben Fikkert (вот еще один мужчина во фриволите, кстати))... Даже не скажу, сколько плела, хотя бы и примерно -- начала давно, еще до Нового года, но приходилось делать долгие перерывы и ждать, пока не придут клубки закончившейся нитки...
И всего 52 см.

A "Corona" centerpiece from Ben Fikkert's "Floriade" book... 52 cm (20,5 in.).
I can't say exactly how long did it take... I'd started making it before the New Year's Day, but had to stop for some months and wait for additional balls to arrive... Three - four months, I guess. 

Lizbeth #80 (Ecru and Autumn Spice). 
Based on Sherry Townsend's colour idea.

А вот эта "пена морская" сплетена для венгерского мастера, делающего деревянные челноки. Плету ее уже третий раз за последние пару лет -- и каждый раз она получается разная ))
Схема из книжки "Tatting Ideas" авторства Yusai Shokoin.

And this "sea foam" doily was made for a Hungarian shuttle maker Banyek 
I've made it for the third time -- and each time it looks different ))
The pattern is from "Tatting Ideas" (by Yusai Shokoin)

И челночки от вышеупомянутого мастера:
And the shuttles:

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  1. Your doilies are stunning!!! Very, very beautiful work!!! :)

  2. Outstanding and amazing. I am in awe!
    Fox : ))

  3. Wow, wow, and wow! These are gorgeous! I love the autumn spice ecru combination! Gorgeous!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! So impressive, lovely colors. Congratulations on finishing it!

  5. Your work is just breath taking and the color combinations are very unique. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  6. Добавлю комментарий на русском языке! ;))
    На эти салфетки можно смотреть бесконечно! У тебя волшебные руки!

  7. did you make your shuttles? you are an artist wonderful work! what do the doilies measure across?

  8. the shuttles were made by this crafter:

    the red/ecru doily is about 52 cm (20,5 in.)
    the white one - 24 or 25 cm, I don't remember exactly :(

    thank you :)

  9. Your doilies are outstanding! Your tatting is perfect!

    I'm also enjoying all your sightseeing photos! Thank you for sharing them!

  10. OMG! These are lovely what beautiful work. Thank you sharing.