воскресенье, 5 сентября 2010 г.

I need some help )

I need to tat a branch of lilac, but there is no idea in my head  :(
Have you ever seen the pattern?.... Or, may be, have any ideas?...
May be, not only a branch, but also flowers, inflorescences, necklaces, earrings... lilac theme ))

Please, help )

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  1. There is a pattern called Posy in the Mary Konior book, Tatting With Visual Patterns that I can see might be related to lilacs - her other patterns have elements as well.

    You could apply some of her bits and embellish as you saw fit, if you have any of her books, or have access to them. They are all wonderful. ( I am a BIG fan!) That would be my suggestion.

    Thank you for your visits and for your many kind comments. I always like to hear from you!
    Fox : ) ♥

  2. Oh, I have this book!
    I think, I understand your idea ) thak you very much! ))

  3. Susan Phillipo developed a lilac pattern and I think it is in the archive of Georgia Seitz's online class. I show April 2000 on my printout.

  4. Here it is -